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1,2-Dihydroellipticines with Activity Against CNS-Specific Cancer Cell Lines

Rudiger Haugwitz (NCI)
The present invention is directed, in general, to methods for treating human cancers and in particular to new compounds which cross the blood brain barrier and retain activity against CNS specific cancer cell lines, to pharmaceutical formulations containing such compounds, and to methods for the treatment of cancer. The 2-methylellipticinium salts offer remarkable examples of compounds that have shown selective cytotoxicity for the CNS cancer cell lines. In 17 assays, 6 showed selectivity for the CNS subpanel at every level of the dose-response curve down to 10-7M. Both the 9-methyl and the 9-chloro analogues also displayed good CNS selectivity at the levels for growth inhibition and cytostasis. Rudiger Haugwitz (NCI)➽ more inventions... U.S. Pat:5,272,146issued 1993-12-21 U.S. Pat:5,441,941issued 1995-08-15 This research is described, in part, in Jurayj et al., "Design and Synthesis of Ellipticinium Salts and 1,2-Dihydroellipticines with High Selectivities against Human CNS Cancers in vitro," J. Med. Chem. 37(14):2190-2197, 1994. Admin. Licensing Specialist (ALS), Email: Phone: E-110-1992/0 Updated:Oct 1, 2005
Rudiger Haugwitz
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