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Animal Behavior Monitor

A system for monitoring ruminant animal foraging that utilizes a piezoelectric film sensor in communication with a computer processor to record and characterize jaw movement data for the foraging ruminant animal. The processor applies pattern algorithms to categorize the jaw movement data so that the jaw movements are categorized as at least chewing, biting, ruminating, and/or idling. Knowledge about livestock behavior and resource use can inform management decisions that influence outcomes in agricultural production, the environment, and rural prosperity.

• The system quantifies grazing behavior, including grazing time, ruminating time, resting time, bites/min and bites/day
• It has GPS tracking at a fix frequency of 5 minutes. It can track time spent in sensitive areas (e.g. riparian) and time spent in forage patches (diet selection)
• Other metrics can be added, including tail switch to track nutrient deposition, activity monitor for # of steps, and bites/feeding station
• Remote data access and troubleshooting

• This product would be of interest to grazing-based animal researchers
• It could be adapted for use for rangeland livestock, confinement livestock and for wildlife to monitor movement and grazing behavior

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