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Data Viewer for Handheld Device/Computer for 3-axis Acceleration and Attitude Measurements During Spaceflight

This software/program allows data retrieval, viewing and analyses from a Commercial-Off-The-shelf (COTS) hand held device/computer that measures 3-axis accelerations during flight testing. Data and analyses of accelerations is important for phemomena and systems that are sensitive to gravity, such as multiphase fluid flow (e.g., gas and liquid concurrent flows). These data measurements are required for parabolic, suborbital and/or space testing and operations to evaluate research and hardware under the dynamic and different test/operational environment in zero- and/or low-gravity. The current data viewer configuration was developed using the COTS Labview Runtime Engine executable available for free download from the National Instruments website (http://www.ni.com/download/labview-run-time-engine-2012/3433/en/; http://ftp.ni.com/support/softlib/labview/labview_runtime/2012/Windows/L...). In addition, the viewer uses COTS apps for retrieval/transfer of data from an Apple iTouch into the customizable Labview program . Key features are the use of COTS executable/software and apps as applied to flight and/or space applications, the ability to easily customize the viewer (e.g., visual formats, precision data viewing), ease of interface to hand held device/computer, and minimal expenditure for development and implementation.
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