FLC Harold Metcalf Service Award

The FLC Harold Metcalf Service Award


The FLC Harold Metcalf Service Award recognizes individuals involved in technology transfer activities who have provided noteworthy support to the technology transfer process, furthering the mission of the FLC.  This award honors the legacy of Harold Metcalf, who is known as one of the most important figures in establishing the FLC and managing its early growth, culminating in the passing of the Stevenson-Wydler Technology Innovation Act in 1980 and the Federal Technology Transfer Act in 1986.  

Harold is a WWII veteran who spent his career in research and development with the DoD. While at the Naval Weapons Center, he was charged with establishing a technology transfer program for the National Science Foundation. His dedication to technology transfer was rooted in his vision of a “Department of Offense,” which would leverage government agencies to address domestic problems and benefit society. Support grew across the federal laboratory network. Harold worked closely with laboratory representatives and helped track national policies and programs, including the 1969 Domestic Action Program for federal laboratories to apply their research for applications for the benefit of society. Under his leadership, the DoD’s program catalyzed key legislative action to formalize technology transfer programs and ultimately build the FLC’s network of federal laboratories. For his years of dedication to cultivating the federal technology transfer community, we honor his legacy of sustained service.  

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Winners of the Harold Metcalf Award

2023 John Eisemann
2022 John Dement
2021 N/A
2020 Dr. Robert Griesbach
2019 N/A
2018 Mojdeh Bahar
2017 N/A
2016 Sarah Bauer
2015 Belinda Snyder
2014 J. Terry Lynch
2013 N/A
2012 Victor Chavez
2011 Lewis Meixler
2010 Dr. Theresa Baus
2009 Lynn Murray
2008 Ed Linsenmeyer
2007 Larry Dickens
2006 Kelly McGuire
2005 Dr. J. Scott Deiter
2004 Dr. J. Scott Deiter
2003 Dr. Michael Sullivan
2002 Richard Dimmick
2001 Dorry Tooker
2000 N/A
1999 Tyrone Taylor