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Oustanding STEM Mentorship Mid-Continent

Award: Outstanding STEM Mentorship

Year: 2014

Award Type:

Region: Mid-Continent

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Outstanding STEM Mentorship Award goes to one over-achiever in the promotion of careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields in students from kindergarten to doctoral candidates.

This year, we honor Linda Lung of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. As leader of the education program, Ms. Lung inspired us with a three-tier program that serves students in grades K-12, undergraduate students, and the teachers.

For example, over 3,000 students in Grades 12 and under have participated in programs ranging from Science Bowls to model solar and electric car competitions.

A vibrant undergraduate intern program has grown exponentially and gained additional funding from DOE’s Office of Science as well as providing a steady workforce for NREL.

Ms. Lung also created the NREL Energy Institute for Teachers, a week-long intensive program of energy education for up to 25 teachers a summer. It is so popular that NREL is converting its visitor center to accommodate it.