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Air Force Research Laboratory, Information Directorate

Award: Regional Laboratory

Year: 2018

Award Type: National

Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) - Information Directorate

The Air Force Research Laboratory’s (AFRL) Information Directorate is located in Central New York on the former Griffiss AFB. The Directorate does cutting-edge research to deliver advanced, affordable, information technologies to the Air Force and Department of Defense (DoD).

The lab specializes in technologies that deliver capabilities for command and control, communications, cyber, and intelligence. Its portfolio includes high-performance computing, embedded processing, offensive and defensive cyber, secure and assured communications, planning and assessment, and tools and systems for information fusion and management for intelligence agencies.

Work is also done in machine learning to develop trusted, highly autonomous decision-making systems.

The Directorate has continually expanded and improved both its internal and external processes for technology transfer. It has risen to the challenge to remain innovative and agile in exploiting, adopting, and developing technologies that usually have a “half-life” of about six to nine months. Its unique portfolio of information and computer-based technologies has allowed it to successfully make its technology transfer program an intimate part of the strategy. The Directorate excels in making use of classical technology transfer mechanisms such as Cooperative Research and Development Agreements, Commercial Test Agreements and Education Partnerships. Indeed, it is a leader in the AFRL in creating and utilizing these mechanisms.

Beyond this the Directorate has accelerated its Innovation Discovery Events, succeeded in licensing numerous technologies through its Commercialization Academy, increased transfer opportunities with Academia through its Information Institute, offered entrepreneurs both training and assistance by fostering incubation and commercialization, streamlined its patent and licensing process and created a comprehensive STEM program to develop the technology workforce of the future. These initiatives and enhancements to its processes, along with its already successful tech transfer program, will empower its community of innovators and serial entrepreneurs.

Contact: Brian Abbe, (315) 330-4962, [email protected]