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EPA - Water Sensor Platform

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Year: 2015

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At the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Test & Evaluation Facility (T&E) Facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, a wide variety of environmental treatment technologies are conceived, designed, and evaluated at bench-, pilot- and field-scale.

The T&E facility maintains unique drinking water treatment plant technologies onsite that have been used to study issues involving homeland security; disinfection byproducts; and control of pesticides, bacteria, viruses and parasites.

EPA researchers and their CRADA partners are developing an innovative sensor platform for surface water, stormwater, and wastewater, in pipe networks and open channels.

This research will allow water utilities to better monitor flow, depth, velocity, and water quality, helping to reduce and manage combined sewer overflows during heavy rain events. This collaboration received the 2014 FLC Midwest Partnership Award.