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Hyperion power module

Award: Excellence in Technology Transfer

Year: 2010

Award Type:

Region: Mid-Continent

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)

From relative obscurity to the oil and gas fields of Wyoming, a Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) emissions reduction technology has finally hit the marketplace and found its way into Caterpillar products.

For several years, LANL has been collaborating with Santa Fe, New Mexico-based CleanAIR Systems, Inc., to commercialize a novel technology that virtually eliminates nitrogen oxides (NOx) from engine exhaust streams. In 2008, CleanAIR signed an agreement with the Laboratory for an exclusive patent license for use of the technology.

Developed by Dr. Kevin C. Ott, the ENDURE™ SCR Catalyst operates over a full range of temperatures—from 150 degrees Celsius to more than 540 degrees Celsius—and reduces NOx emissions by up to 95 percent. Unlike competing solutions, the ENDURE™ system does not consume additional fuel, retaining diesel’s inherent efficiency. CleanAIR is developing the technology for applications in stationary diesel and natural gas engines, pipeline compressors, onand off-road equipment, and gas turbines. Established in 1993, CleanAIR Systems manufactures emissions control systems that are distributed worldwide. Its products are designed to control air pollution such as diesel particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and NOx from internal combustion engines and gas turbines. The company recently introduced a new product that incorporates the LANL technology called the E-POD™—a hybrid technology designed for large diesel and natural gas stationary engines that dramatically reduces emissions. Installation of the new system has recently been completed on seven Caterpillar 3512 diesel generator set units operating on drill rigs in Wyoming’s Pinedale Anticline Project Area (PAPA).

In 2008, the Caterpillar Corporation announced its selection of CleanAIR as its strategic alliance partner for emissions control products. CleanAIR President Michael Roach said, “The alliance will increase our market exposure as well as introduce CleanAIR products to Caterpillar dealers around the world.” CleanAIR is one of a few companies that manufactures its products locally with high-paying jobs and good benefits—in an industry that is also clean.