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Using Copper Sulfate to Control Catfish Egg Mortality from Fungal Infections

Award: Excellence in Technology Transfer

Year: 2010

Award Type:

Region: Southeast

USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) – Southeast Area

The Second Generation Treatment System for Management of Livestock Manure is a costeffective method for the treatment of livestock waste that is an alternative to open lagoons, the dominant method of treating hog waste throughout the country. It has changed that way of thinking about manure management by solving multiple challenges in modern livestock production. These challenges include atmospheric emission, excess nutrients, pathogens and food safety, odors, and affordability of treatment. The ARS team has developed and effectively transferred this new technology that can solve all of these problems. The technology also generates value-added organic fertilizer and carbon credits, as well as increased animal productivity. The team actively participated in all aspects of technology transfer, such as the invention of a new waste treatment system, demonstration of on-farm verification, customer workshops and meetings with industry, and interacting with a number of national and international organizations with the common goals of a cleaner environment and profitable agriculture. As a result of these efforts, the State of North Carolina established a Lagoon Conversion Program to financially assist farmers with converting lagoons to the new environmentally superior technology. This will upgrade existing swine production facilities to cleaner technology. With executed contracts by the commercial partner in 2009, the technology is being used to treat 70 million gallons a year of concentrated swine effluent generated by 50,000 swine. The second-generation system was mentioned in a 2008 Duke University publication as a technology that could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create green jobs in the U.S. In addition, the technology was showcased by the Environmental Defense Fund at the first Middle Class Task Force meeting organized by the White House.