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8711 37th Street, SE
Jamestown, ND 58401-7317
United States

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The Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center ( NPWRC) in Jamestown, N. Dak., was established in 1965 as a facility of the Fish and Wildlife Service research and development program. It is now one of the Biological Research Discipline (BRD) research centers of the U.S. Geological Survey. Center personnel research problems facing wildlife and their habitat and provide scientific information needed for proper management. The location of center headquarters in the Prairie Pothole Region, an area of the Central Flyway to which many migratory birds return each spring to nest and raise their young, provides excellent opportunities to study factors affecting breeding biology and population dynamics. NPWRC scientists have published over 800 articles in scientific journals and books. The center has organized and hosted symposia on the ecology and management of migratory birds, invasive species, wetland ecology, habitats, and endangered species.


The mission of Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center is to provide the scientific information needed to conserve and manage the nation's biological resources, with an emphasis on the species and ecosystems of the nation's interior. Specifically, the Center's goals include the following:

  • Evaluate responses of fauna and flora to natural and anthropogenic influences;
  • Develop tools for assessing status and trends of animal and plant populations;
  • Use integrated, long-term research to model linkages among ecosystem components;
  • Develop the biological knowledge needed to sustain and restore ecosystems;
  • Provide the scientific foundation for federal policies and management strategies related to natural resources;
  • Disseminate the latest in technical information and research findings to client agencies, conservation organizations, and others responsible for the management of our Nation's natural resources.

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