MCEDC offers federal labs free access to MDLS Bio Innovation Conference

MCEDC offers federal labs free access to MDLS Bio Innovation Conference

June 28, 2021

The Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation and the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) invite federal laboratories to participate free of charge in the annual Maryland Life Sciences Bio Innovation Conference 2021. The event will be held on October 4-5 and will showcase the region’s industry capabilities, technology transfer opportunities and federal laboratories. Labs interested in this opportunity, which requires participation in the virtual business partnering platform, should notify the organizers by September 3.

Hosted by the Maryland Life Sciences (MDLS), a division of the Maryland Tech Council (MTC) and BIO International affiliate for the state, the virtual conference draws a large cohort of international companies seeking to find strategic partners and a foothold in the United States. Last year’s international event drew more than 100 delegates from companies in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, South Korea and Europe. The MDLS Bio Innovation Conference is the key for the life sciences industry in Maryland, and provides a global forum for life sciences companies and research organizations to exchange ideas and explore strategic partnerships. There is also a virtual conference hall, and a virtual chat space where FLC members can interact with conference delegates.

The conference will include a virtual business partnering platform for you to interact and meet with conference delegates, several pre-conference webinars with two keynote speakers, and 12 sessions focused on four industry sectors covering topics related to:

* cell and gene therapy

* regulation

* vaccines

* biomanufacturing

A detailed conference agenda will be posted in the coming weeks at


The 12 conference topic sessions are conducted separately from the virtual business partnering platform, and laboratories can have access to both. The virtual business partnering platform will require you to be attentive to your email inbox so that you can interact and meet with conference delegates attending the event. Please note that your virtual business partnering profile must be staffed by your representative for the full two days of the event in order to qualify for the no charge rate. Conference delegates in the partnering system need to be able to interact with and set up meetings with you. You may also schedule meetings outside of the partnering platform at a mutually convenient time if needed.

Hosting a laboratory profile in the virtual business partnering platform will require you to outline a brief overview of your labs mission; broad research areas of interest and OTT process; hyperlinks/media/collateral that provide more detailed information on patents/license opportunities etc.; and the contact details of your representative.

If your laboratory is interested in having a presence in the virtual business partnering platform and conference sessions (at no charge), please contact Wendy Worm at [email protected] before the 3rd of September 2021.

If your laboratory would like access to the virtual partnering platform only (no conference access/no business partnering representative present), then registration will cost $70 per person.