Partners Seeking Labs

Helping prospective partners find the right labs

Three matchmaking opportunities

The FLC can help businesses fully realize the federal resources available to them, including access to state-of-the-art facilities, federally developed technologies, and targeted expertise. FLC Engagement Outposts, Regions on the Road, and the Collaboration Concierge service are examples of different ways this can be achieved. In many cases, this process begins at a tradeshow or other networking event where FLC representatives are in attendance specifically to facilitate those connections.


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FLC Engagement Outposts

The FLC staff is out in your communities this year showcasing opportunities for federal labs and prospective partners to connect. Follow our journey as we crisscross the country, raising awareness of federal tech transfer and highlighting FLC technologies, facilities, and expertise at tradeshows and other events—often hosted by one of our strategic partners.

Our next stop might be near you! Attend our presentations, stop by our booth on the exhibit floor, connect with us on an event app, or flag us down in the hallway during a break. We’re always happy to discuss how the FLC can help you create and nourish tech transfer partnerships.

Please contact FLC Partnership Manager Jamela Mavrakis if your lab is interested in joining the booth, presenting your technology, or hosting a booth event.

FLC Regions on the Road

The FLC’s regional coordinators—all of whom are tech transfer professionals at FLC member labs—never miss a chance to share their perspective on how the Consortium can help federal labs find the right partners to achieve their tech transfer missions.

Those hardworking individuals are hitting the road to engage with our member laboratories, small business development centers, federally funded research and development centers, and accelerator development programs. Whether the itinerary involves a site visit, a technology demonstration, or a networking event, they’re always looking for ways the FLC can help facilitate partnerships.

Contact FLC Facilitate Director     Beth Thomas if you're interested in FLC representatives visiting your laboratory or hosting a booth at a local technology event in your region.

Collaboration Concierge

The challenge of finding the right partner to commercialize a technology can feel overwhelming. At the FLC, we get it. We know some people will need a little extra help navigating all the resources we offer that can point them toward the right partner. That’s when the FLC’s Collaboration Concierge service can really make a difference.

A free public service to promote and facilitate the technology transfer (T2) process, Collaboration Concierge provides immediate, personalized search assistance and referrals that connect entrepreneurs, technology seekers and other industry representatives with federal laboratory expertise and technologies to further their research and development (R&D) goals. Numerous requests handled by the Collaboration Concierge staff have resulted in long-lasting partnerships and successful technology transfer efforts.

If you’re seeking to improve a product, solve a manufacturing issue or start a business, Collaboration Concierge serves as a matchmaker between you and the FLC community’s large network of laboratory resources. Through an extensive knowledge base of the federal laboratory system, the Collaboration Concierge staff connects technology seekers with a federal lab that has the expertise and capabilities needed to get R&D projects off the ground.

Send your technology R&D needs request to the FLC's Technology Locator by calling, emailing, or submitting through our online request form! The Technology Locator will search and identify lab resources and contacts that can respond to your specific requests. When the right match is found, the Technology Locator will facilitate communication between the requestor and the lab. You work it out from there.