Labs Seeking Partners

Helping labs find the right partner

The FLC has several programs to help you find the right partner. Member Connect, Lab Showcase, and Industry and Tech Events offer labs a platform to explain what they bring to a tech transfer partnership. These opportunities can be particularly useful for labs that have developed exciting technologies but lack the resources needed to describe and demonstrate those technologies for prospective partners that can appreciate their commercialization potential.

Member Connect

During each 30-minute Member Connect webinar, a speaker from an FLC member lab or one of our strategic partners tell their tech transfer story or lab employees outline their lab's areas of expertise, technologies that are available for licensing, and facilities that can be shared. Similarly, a representative from an FLC partner might describe the services their organization offers and how they help to advance federal tech transfer.

Member Connect, open to all, is a great way for non-federal partners to learn more about FLC labs, but it’s also a great way for federal labs to learn more about each other—which creates even more opportunities for collaboration.  Contact FLC Partnerships Manager     Beth Thomas if you're interested in setting up a 30-minute Member Connect.

Check out the schedule of upcoming Member Connect events here.

Lab Showcase

The one-hour Lab Showcase webinar offers a deep dive into the newsworthy tech transfer activities of a federal lab. A  Showcase might highlight a lab’s research, a technology challenge, a national initiative, a tech transfer success story or a new partnership opportunity.

Attendance at Lab Showcases is open to anyone and is a fantastic opportunity for the collaboration-minded  from nonfederal organizations and tech transfer professionals from federal labs organizations to identify synergies that can lead to future partnerships.  Contact FLC Partnerships Manager     Beth Thomas if you're interested in the FLC showcasing your laboratory.

Check out the schedule of events here.

Industry and Tech Events

Most federal tech transfer collaborations involve a lab and a partner organization who share an interest in a particular technology sector. That’s why the FLC Regions have created Industry and Tech Events focused on specific technologies —such as artificial intelligence, microelectronics, wildfire abatement, cybersecurity, quantum science, and biotech—identified as growth areas by federal and industry analysts.

Industry and Tech Events are hosted by the FLC Regions, but stakeholders from across the innovation ecosystem are encouraged to attend. Technologies related to combating and preventing wildfires are of particular interest to the Far West and Mid-Continent regions, for example, but federal labs and nonfederal prospective partners from other regions also may be able to make key contributions toward developing and commercializing wildfire abatement technologies.

Check out the schedule of upcoming industry and tech events and make plans to attend.