More Water, Less Concentrate: Submit by March 3

More Water, Less Concentrate: Submit by March 3

Your desalination innovation could win up to $150,000!

January 8, 2021

More Water Less Concentrate is a public competition focused on discovering innovative, affordable, and environmentally sound solutions to reduce the volume of concentrate and generate more usable water from inland desalination plants.

Up to five Finalists will receive an award of $115,000 each to build a functioning prototype according to their submissions. This award will be disbursed in three payments that correspond to progress in creating the prototype:

Designation as a Finalist: $25,000

Schematic diagram of technology with detailed mass and energy balances: $65,000

Progress Report, including Proof of Concept: $25,000

The Winner will receive a $150,000 award. A pool of $100,000 may be additionally awarded to Finalists who are not named as the Winner.

There will be two rounds of scoring assessment. During the Evaluation Panel review, each valid submission will receive scores and comments from a highly qualified panel of expert reviewers. Informed by the ranking of results as determined by the Evaluation Panel -- with consideration given to diversity of solutions – up to five top-scoring submissions, as determined by Common Pool, will be named as Finalists. Finalists will attend a demonstration event where the Demonstration Event Panel will evaluate the performance of the prototypes to inform the final Winner selection.

U.S. government employees may participate so long as they are not acting within the scope of their position, rely on no facilities, access, personnel, knowledge or other resources that are available to them as a result of their employment except for those resources available to all other participants on an equal basis.

U.S. government employees participating as individuals, or who submit applications on behalf of an otherwise eligible organization, will be responsible for ensuring that their participation in the Competition is permitted by the rules and regulations relevant to their position and that they have obtained any authorization that may be required by virtue of their government position. Failure to do so may result in the disqualification of them individually or of the entity which they represent or in which they are involved.

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