Photo of the Week: Petite Plasma with Widespread Potential

Photo of the Week: Petite Plasma with Widespread Potential

September 21, 2023

The Photo of the Week visually showcases the exciting work federal labs do every day! 

About this photo:

In this photograph, we are looking into the captivating physical phenomena created by the interaction of plasma and liquid with widespread industrial applications. This Argon jet plasma in contact with water has the form of a thin, bent filament occurring 20,000 times per second. The photo has a long exposure time thus capturing multiple filaments.

About the federal lab:

The Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) is the DOE national laboratory devoted to developing fusion to power the world with safe and clean energy that drives the sun and stars while leading discoveries in plasma science and technology. PPPL is now expanding into advanced computational science and the synthesis of plasma into nanomaterials to realize next-generation microelectronics and quantum industries that create jobs and widespread economic and national security benefits.

Photo credit: Elle Starkman