Report finds INL remains a major contributor to Idaho's economy

Report finds INL remains a major contributor to Idaho's economy

May 19, 2021

An annual economic impact summary shows that Idaho National Laboratory continues to be a major contributor to Idaho’s economy. INL’s total impact grew by more than $336 million – a 13.2% increase – between FY 2019 and FY 2020.

"As INL continues to develop and grow so does Idaho’s economy," the report concluded. "A more developed economy provides an enhanced opportunity for the state of Idaho to capture economic benefits from INL’s presence. Dually beneficial economic activity between INL and supporting businesses becomes increasingly possible."

Highlights from the “INL Fiscal Year 2020 Economic Impact Summary” include:

* INL’s total economic impact grew by more than $336 million to reach $2.88 billion overall, a 13.2% increase year over year and a 104% increase since 2014.

* INL employed an average of 5,022 people during the fiscal year. That makes INL contractor Battelle Energy Alliance (BEA) Idaho’s seventh-largest private employer and tenth-largest employer when compared to all public and private businesses.

* INL total employment impact increased by 66% between 2014 and 2020.

* INL spent more than $229 million with Idaho businesses.

* BEA contributed $566,000 in charitable giving, technology-based economic development grants and K-12 STEM giving.

“INL’s important mission directly contributes to changing the world’s energy future,” said INL Director John Wagner. “It’s this important mission that’s driving the growth at the lab. Our workforce wants to work where they have the biggest opportunity to make a difference and they are excited to live in the great state of Idaho.”

The economic impacts identified in this study only include INL operations managed by BEA and not the impact of other DOE contractors, the DOE itself, or the Naval Reactors Facility.