Tuesday Licensing Forum: Developing Your Career in Technology Transfer

Tuesday Licensing Forum: Developing Your Career in Technology Transfer

August 20, 2023

For this week's Tuesday Licensing Forum, on August 22 at 2 p.m. we will have a special presentation and discussion with Glen Gardner, President of Gardner Innovation Search Partners. Please join us for:

Developing Your Career in Technology Transfer


It's never too early (or too late) to be thinking about how to further develop your career in technology transfer!  Join us for an informative presentation & discussion relevant for YOUR career and future job prospects as we consider such questions as: 
•    How do employers currently value RTTP / CLP and similar credentials?
•    How might the job environment differ between academic / industry / federal labs / hospitals?
•    What are the best and most efficient ways to utilize a recruiting firm?
•    How might "volunteering" in various local or national professional organizations affect future job opportunities?
•    Academics have a rule of "publish or perish".   Is there a similar rule in tech transfer jobs?
•    What are the latest trends in salary & compensation levels for tech transfer?
•    What happened to all of the remote jobs?  Trends in Remote / Hybrid / In person tech transfer jobs.

Tuesday Licensing Forum 
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About the speaker:

Glen Gardner is President of Gardner Innovation Search Partners, a retained executive search firm that assists organizations worldwide in recruiting technology transfer, intellectual property licensing, commercialization, venture development, and innovation professionals. Glen served in the U.S. Navy for six years as a nuclear instructor and operated nuclear submarines. With the Navy, he traveled the world and gained cultural and leadership experience. Under Glen's leadership, the team has placed talented individuals regionally, nationally and internationally. Client types include universities, national laboratories, medical research institutes, hospitals, intellectual property consulting firms and industry. https://gardnerisp.com/