From fundamental T2 training to in-depth success case studies, the FLC curriculum covers the ins and outs of the T2 process. Expand your T2 knowledge anytime and anywhere with our on demand online courses. Select a course and get started today!

Learn patent principles:

  • What can be patented
  • Patent coverage
  • Ownership rights and licensing


Breakdown of what trade secrets are, including:

  • Examples and significance
  • Rights and protections
  • Agreements and mechanisms for labs and partners 

Learn the ins and outs of copyright protection:

  • What can be covered
  • Ownership and rights
  • How to register for copyright


Discover the basics of trademarks:

  • What they protect
  • Types of protections and claims
  • Protections to considerations when working with partners



An overview of IP in relation to:

  • Ideas and inventions
  • Literary and artistic works
  • Designs
  • Symbols, names, and images used in commerce