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INL follows Sandia's licensing lead in response to COVID-19

Following the model of Sandia National Laboratories, Idaho National Laboratory’s (INL) Technology Deployment organization has launched its own program to help offset the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic by transitioning INL innovations to industry as expeditiously as possible and removing possible delays or burdens on partners.

Like Sandia, which announced earlier this month that it would open much of its portfolio of technology patents for free licensing, INL's Rapid Technology Deployment program will open a substantial portion of its unencumbered patent portfolio to any U.S. company that can use available inventions to help address the current national crisis and drive strong economic development.

Under this program, any U.S. company will be able to obtain a term-limited, nonnegotiable, royalty-free, nonexclusive license to any INL-owned U.S. patent not otherwise subject to a contractual obligation. The Rapid Technology Deployment Program initially makes nearly 140 pieces of intellectual property available for licensing, all of which would carry these favorable terms through the end of calendar year 2020.

“This program will accelerate the transition of premier national laboratory technologies to the private sector so innovative solutions can be leveraged to respond to the current crisis,” said Jason Stolworthy, director of Technology Deployment at INL. “We are making technology transfer as simple as possible. INL looks forward to partnering with industry in support of the national effort to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19.”

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