Tuesday, March 28


National Meeting Training Day Descriptions for Tuesday, March 28, 2023


  • Robert Charles, Medical Research and Development Command
  • Jason Martinez, Sandia National Laboratories

Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) are one of technology transfer’s most important mechanisms, and understanding them is crucial for most federal T2 professionals. This intermediate-level course offers a one-stop shop for everything CRADA. You will learn about the CRADA and how it works from seasoned experts who will share a real-life example. Course topics include CRADA authority and laws, practices, and pitfalls, as well as intellectual property considerations. 


  • Steven Marquis, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Kathleen McDonald, CloudArc T2
  • Elsie Quaite Randall, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

This course on technology transfer fundamentals covers all you need to know to dive in. Instructors will share their experiences in technology transfer and walk you through the fundamental authorities governing federal T2. Using real-world examples of technologies moved from the federal sector to private industry, they will share tricks of the trade and provide exercises you can apply in real-time. 

This course examines the patent process and other forms of intellectual property (IP) protection in the context of federal technology transfer. It will provide detailed information on how to protect intellectual property in federal laboratories, with a focus on the patent process; summarize ownership rights to IP developed under government contracts; explain the major laws affecting IP in federal labs; and explain the types of rights collaborators typically want and how to work with them within the law. 

This course will focus on enhancing the skill sets of the advanced T2 practitioner. 

This course is targeted to the advanced T2 practitioner from the leadership and communications perspective. Effective leadership communication creates competitive advantage for individuals, teams, and enterprises. There is a rigor to effective leadership communication, but too often that rigor is not well known or is ignored by leaders who believe that communication at work is equivalent to personal communication, at which most people are proficient.   


  • Dan Lockney, NASA
  • Jennie Hempstead, Wright Brothers Institute, Inc.
  • RenĂ© Meadors, Wright Brothers Institute, Inc.  

This half-day course will cover marketing topics of interest including, train up your inventor “salesforce”, stage gate processes for converting data into valuable market intelligence, direct and indirect marketing best practices, and ways to measure marketing success. Participants will learn about creative approaches to reach current and new audiences, tools that help you share your message, and building your network. 

This half day course will cover the basics of how to initiate and conduct an effective negotiation. Instructors will present a deep dive into more advanced negotiation subjects such as managing influences, the relationship between power and authority, negotiation mediums, handling emotions and stress, identification of hot buttons, and the benefits of non-verbal communications.