T2 Toolkit

Each year, billions of dollars go into funding research and development (R&D) at our federal laboratories, with the intent being for those innovations to return the investment and move from the laboratory to the marketplace, thereby boosting our economy.

To that end, we have developed a T2 Toolkit that offers a comprehensive set of tools and services for anyone from startups to large corporations seeking information and access to federal resources that can propel them along the path to commercialization success. To learn how you can work with a federal laboratory, watch our video and follow this T2 Success Track.

STEP 1: Identify your R&D needs

Do you have an idea, invention, or product you’d like to further develop? Our federal laboratories have a wealth of facilities, equipment, expertise, and technologies available for licensing that you can utilize to create business solutions and introduce your new technologies to the marketplace. Determine what you need and search the Toolkit databases.


STEP 2: Search laboratory resources and technologies

When you know the type of assistance you need, search our tools: FLCBusiness is a next-generation search tool for federal laboratory resources. As the most comprehensive federal laboratory data store available, FLC Business provides businesses with a one-stop shop for federal laboratory information, including:

  • Technologies available for licensing
  • Laboratory facilities and equipment
  • Funding opportunities
  • Lab-specific special programs.

Or if you still need further assistance, our Technology Locator can steer you in the right direction with one-on-one guidance.


STEP 3: Find a suitable T2 process

After you’ve found the laboratory, facility, equipment, and/or laboratory program you’d like to access or utilize, there are several processes or ways in which to move forward depending on the type of collaboration you’re hoping to enter into, such as usage and/or licensing options. Get started on finding the right process for you by searching our extensive T2 Mechanisms database.


STEP 4: Assess the next steps for commercialization


Since there are several types of agreement options available and more than one that may be suitable for your R&D need(s), it is best at this stage in the process to assess each sample agreement available and determine what information you’ll need to disclose before reaching out to a laboratory representative and moving forward in the T2 process.


STEP 5: Contact a laboratory representative

Now that you’ve determined your ideal commercialization path, it’s time to reach out to the lab. To do so, you can search by laboratory profile in FLCBusiness or contact the Technology Locator to help you find the pertinent contact information. The laboratory representative will help you determine the best route for accessing the lab, facility, equipment or expertise you wish to utilize.


STEP 6: Negotiate an agreement path

It’s time to initiate, negotiate, and complete an agreement between you and the federal laboratories. Given the mechanism path that was agreed upon, this stage in the process can take some time to complete so both the laboratory and the private-sector parties can achieve what they hoped to gain from the initiated agreement. The agreement will take into account all of the complex factors both parties involved need to consider during negotiations, such as the developmental stage of the technology, additional partners, risk vs. potential return on investment, among others. These factors are worth the time and consideration so the agreement is advantageous for everyone.


STEP 7: Commercialize!

You’ve reached the end of the transfer process, and it’s now time to commercialize! You’re now on the path to access technology and facilities never before utilized. The T2 office will follow up to ensure quality control, resolve any issues that may arise, and introduce potential third-party partners for sublicensing or joint development, among other administrative procedures.