The FLC community is a vast network of Consortium Members, Consortium Participants, Consortium Representatives, academic institutions as well as industry. The FLC community has access to high–quality T2 tools, services, and connections for facilitating the commercialization process. From our industry partners to our member laboratories and participants, being part of the FLC community can open doors to federal resources and business opportunities that otherwise are not readily available.

To help you better understand the different FLC membership, the following definitions have been provided.

Consortium Member  – A Consortium Member signifies:

  1. Any federal laboratory having 200 or more full–time equivalent scientific, engineering and related technical positions;
  2. Such other federal laboratories as may choose to join the Consortium; and
  3. The parent federal agencies of the activities as codified in 15 U.S.C., Sections 3701 – 3715 and the parent federal agencies of those member laboratories.

Consortium Participant  – A Consortium Participant is any individual, other than a Consortium Representative, who belongs to a member organization and whose duties include participation in support of the technology transferactivities of that member organization.

Consortium Representative – A Consortium Representative means Laboratory Representative or Parent Federal Agency Representative. Representative or Parent Federal Agency Representative.


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