Cooperative Partner Staff

In Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20), the FLC began implementing its five-year Strategic Plan, working closely with a full-time staff established under the cooperative agreement between AUTM and FLC that was announced at the end of 2019. AUTM is a nonprofit leader supporting the development of academic technology transfer and research that changes the world and drives innovation forward.

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Federal Laboratory Consortium 


The AUTM and FLC staff are here to help and can be reached by phone or email.


Executive Director
Paul Zielinski 
Phone: +1-301-639-6723
Paul leads the strategic direction for the FLC.



Community Engagement Associate
Adham Alayash
Adham manages elections and membership activities for the FLC.



Business Development Manager
Casey Annunziata, CMP
Phone: +1-973-479-9472
Contact Casey if you need any information about exhibits and sponsorship for our National Meeting, professional development courses, distance education or region meetings. 


Chief Marketing Officer
Leef Smith Barnes
Phone: +1-703-870-4895

Leef guides all FLC's strategic direction and media relations.


Graphic Design Manager
Carla Brady
Phone: +1-202-960-1793

Carla creates all design work for the FLC from meeting themes to mulitmedia work.



Meetings Associate
Tonya Clemmons
Phone: +1-202-960-1795

Tonya manages the registration process for the National Meeting. 



Marketing & Communications Manager
Lauren Phillips Coleman
Phone: +1-202-960-1786

Lauren manages content for all newsletters and stories for Labs in Action. 


Web and Database Systems Manager
Stanley Dixon
Stanley manages the FLC website and all of its systems, including FLC Business.


Marketing Manager
Jordana Bieze Foster
Phone: +1-617-501-4597

Jordana manages the Awards Program editorial, Report to Congress, press releases and success stories.



Meetings Director
Liz Freyn
Phone: +1-847-909-3909

Liz leads all contract negotiations and logistical implementation for FLC meetings and events.



Sr. Professional Development Director 
Barbara Gunderson
Phone: +1-202-960-1784

Barb leads all professional development programs, training courses and educational content. 


Partnerships Manager 
Corin Hindenach
Phone: +1-202-960-1792

Corin works with the Facilitate pillar and FLC partners. 


Social Media Coordinator
Carrie Hutchison
Phone: +1-202-425-1103

Carrie manages all FLC social media activities. 


Customer Service Associate
Shannon Johnson
Shannon helps answer and direct your FLC questions.


Member & Community Engagement Director
Colleen Loeffler
Phone: +1-773-433-0063

Colleen helps members engage, connect and find success.


Marketing Director
Carolina Olivieri
Phone: +1-202-960-1781

Carolina leads all marketing and communications activities.


Operations Director
Stephanie Pearson
Phone: +1-561-516-9003
Stephanie leads all administrative functions and makes the trains run on time.


Marketing & Communications Director
Paul Stark
Phone: +1-202-960-1788
Paul leads website and marketing functions.


Partnerships Manager 
Beth Thomas
Phone: 240-675-9405                             Email:
Beth manages the federal lab census and regional partnership activities.


Professional Development Director
Amy Thomsen
Phone: + 1-859-468-1392 
Amy leads all FLC professional development activities. 


Project Associate
Jessica Znidarsic
Phone: + 1-202-960-1802 
Jessica manages the FLC awards program.


Chief Executive Officer
Stephen J. Susalka 
Phone: +1-202-960-1790
Steve leads the strategic direction for AUTM and the FLC promoting the technology transfer profession.