FLC Policies

Featured here are the FLC Bylaws and the FLC’s Strategic Plan. Both documents provide an in-depth look at how the FLC functions as an organization, as well as explain the tactful direction the organization is headed to further its mandates and facilitate technology transfer among its member laboratories and industry.

  • This policy was approved by the FLC Executive Board during their July 2020 Board Meeting. It mandates that all payments from FLC will be in US funds. If expenses are incurred in non US funds, they will be converted to US funds. 

  • This policy was approved by the FLC Executive Board during their July 2020 Board Meeting. It outlines the process of payment through wire transfer.

  • Giving a presentation on federal technology transfer? Use this slide deck to enhance your presentation with information on the FLC, and the benefits and value of federal tech transfer for the U.S. economy.

  • The FLC membership voted overwhelmingly to accept the proposed Bylaw changes to move the FLC forward in accordance with the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. These changes will allow the FLC leadership to focus strategically, which is possible due to the cooperative agreement with AUTM, taking on the administrative and marketing roles. For more information, contact info@federallabs.org.

  • FLC Strategic Plan

    This Strategic Plan is a guide the FLC utilizes to fulfill its legislative mandates. The FLC Strategic Plan explains the mandated mission, vision, and strategic goals the organization plans to achieve in support of federal laboratories’ technology transfer missions and for the betterment of the FLC community.

  • Laboratory Representatives and voting members for labs can use this guide to better understand the FLC and their role in it, including how the Consortium works, the benefits and responsibilities of FLC membership, and how they can participate.