Much of the work of the FLC is planned and carried out by the following standing committees and their chairs. The chairs of the standing committees are selected and appointed by the Executive Board, and present their committees’ activities to the Executive Board.


Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is responsible for the implementation and oversight of activities to advertise, promote, and recognize noteworthy federal technology transfer efforts of Consortium Members and to recognize noteworthy contributions of Consortium Members, Consortium Representatives and Consortium Participants to the successful operation and promotion of the FLC’s statutory mandate.

Whitney Hastings, Ph.D.

Awards Committee Chair

Phone: 240-402-2232

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for integrating, coordinating, and initiating activities that market the T2 success stories, tools, services, educational resources, programs, and events of the FLC, its regions, and its members.

Sara Langdon

Sara Langdon

Communications Committee

Phone: 301-619-4591


Education & Training Committee

The Education & Training Committee implements and oversees activities that ensure the development and availability of technology transfer training resources. It is responsible for planning, designing, and implementing all of the FLC’s T2 curriculum and training programs.


Education & Training Committee Chair (open position)


Laboratory and Business Systems (LaBS)

The LaBS Committee is dedicated to the evaluation, deployment, and operation of FLC tools to assist labs with accomplishing their T2 missions, as well as providing a more accessible and approachable space for industry to interact with federal labs.

LaBS Committee Chair (open position)


Legal Issues

The Legal Issues Committee provides a forum for the discussion of legal concerns in the conduct of effective technology transfer programs by FLC members.

Maryann Lynch

Maryann Lynch

Legal Issues Committee Chair

Dept. of Energy

Phone: 202-586-3815 


Planning & Policy

The Planning and Policy Committee is responsible for recommending strategic plans, long-range goals, and policy statements and positions for Executive Board consideration and to ensure conformance of the FLC with its charter.

Planning & Policy Committee Chair (open position)



The Program Committee is responsible for planning and promoting FLC conferences, meetings, and seminars.

Kathleen Mcdonald

Kathleen McDonald

Program Committee Chair

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)

Phone: 505-667-5844


State and Local Government

The State & Local Government Committee is responsible for implementing and overseeing activities that ensure the awareness and availability of FLC technology and technical assistance resources to the benefit of state and local governments.

Kathleen Graham

Kathleen Graham

State & Local Government Committee Chair

Phone: 303-312-6137