Cooperative Partner

The FLC staff is here to help and can be reached by phone or email. 

Federal Laboratory Consortium 
Phone: +1- 678-298-1183
Email: [email protected]

Executive Director
Paul Zielinski 
Phone: +1-301-639-6723
Email: [email protected]
Paul leads the strategic direction for the FLC.



Meetings Director
Liz Freyn
Phone: +1-847-909-3909
Email: [email protected]

Liz leads all contract negotiations and logistical implementation for FLC meetings and events.


Meetings Coordinator
Tonya Cabrera
Phone: +1-847-686-2377
Email: [email protected]

Tonya manages registration and exhibit sales for the National Meeting.


Professional Development Director 
Nerissa Legge
Phone: +1-847-686-2293
Email: [email protected]g

Nerissa leads all professional development programs.


Administrative Director
Stephanie Pearson
Phone: +1-561-516-9003
Email: [email protected]
Stephanie leads all administrative functions and makes the trains run on time.


Marketing Director
Carolina Olivieri
Phone: +1-202-390-1962
Email: [email protected]

Carolina leads all marketing and communications activities.


Marketing Manager
Jordana Bieze Foster
Phone: +1-617-501-4597
Email: [email protected]

Jordana manages the Awards Program editorial, Report to Congress, press releases and success stories.


Marketing Coordinator
Katherine Segreti 

Phone: +1-708-522-8074
Email: [email protected]

Katherine manages FLC Business, Awards Programs, website editing and provides marketing support.


Social Media Coordinator
Carrie Hutchison
Phone: +1-202-425-1103
Email: [email protected]

Carrie manages all FLC social media actitivies. 


Awards Manager
Michele Chambers
Phone: +1-856-675-1022
Email: [email protected]

Michele supports the administration of the Awards programs.