Argonne Outloud: Invisible Influence: A Bacterial Guide to Your Health


Leading Argonne microbiologist Jack Gilbert delivers a public lecture titled "Invisible Influence: A Bacterial Guide to Your Health," held at Argonne on December 11, 2014. To learn more about Argonne's free public lecture series, visit the OutLoud website:

SYNOPSIS: In recent years, scientists have discovered that our bodies teem with microbial life, which outnumber our cells 10 to one. In fact, we have approximately 2-3 pounds of bacteria living on and in our bodies – the same weight as the human brain.

Like the brain and other valuable organs, this microbial organ performs extremely important roles in our health and well-being. There is even evidence that the bacteria that live in our guts can influence our neurological development and behavior.

In this presentation, we will explore this brave new world, examining some examples of how your microbial world influences your health, probing where that microbial world comes from, and highlighting the ways in which your lifestyle, diet and medical treatment can influence your microbiome.

Come on a journey of discovery and meet your closest neighbors; we think you will be surprised at how much they’ve shaped your life!

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