Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center (AMRDEC)



14 x 22 Foot Subsonic Wind Tunnel

7 x 10 Foot Wind Tunnel

Advanced Prototyping Engineering & Experimentation (APEX) Laboratories I, II & III

Advanced Simulation Center

Aerial Targets Laboratory

Aero-Optic Evaluation Center (AOEC),Large Energy National Shock (LENS) Tunnels I & II

Aerophysics Research Center

Air Defense Radar Operations Facility

Airborne & Field Sensors Facilities

Anechoic Radio Frequency Test Chamber

Applied Imagery Lab (AIL)

Army Air and Missile Defense Network Design Facility (AAMDNDF)

Army Missile Optical Range

Automated Infrared Sensor Test Facility (AISTF)

Automated Laser Seeker Performance Evaluation System (ALSPES)

Automatic Test Equipment/Test Program Set (ATE/TPS) Laboratory and Sustainment Support Center

Automatic Tracking Evaluation and Development System (ATEDS)

Aviation Flight Support Facility

Ballistic Test Facility

Battlefield Automation Lab

CMDS System Integration and IAMD End-to-End Laboratory

Climatic Environmental Test Facilities

Compact Antenna Range

Component and Subsystem Test & Analysis Facilities

Composite Structures Manufacturing Facility

Computer Training Systems Laboratory

Control Actuation System (CAS) Test Facility

Countermeasure Test Facility

Design and Analysis Facility

Ducted Rocket Test Facility

Electromagnet Environmental Effects (E3) Facilities

Embedded Processor Laboratory

Experimental Fabrication Facility

F.B.I.-OMEMS Hazardous Devices School

Flight Control Technology Laboratory

Flight Research Support Facility

GPS Satellite Simulation Facility

Gel Propellant Rheology Facility

Instrumentation Design and Development Facilities

Instrumentation Facility

Javelin Simulation Center

Joint Technology Center/System Integration Laboratory (JTC/SIL)

Ka-Band/W-Band Compact Ranges

Large Rotor Test Apparatus

Larry O. Daniel Prototype Integration Facility (PIF)

Laser Countermeasure Laboratory

Laser Guidance Analysis Facility

Life Cycle Software Engineering Center Complex

Liquid/Gel Rocket Test Facility

Longbow/Hellfire and Stinger Systems Integration Facility

MEMS and Nano-Technology Clean Room

Materials Facility

Microfabrication Laboratory

Modal Analysis and Visualization Equipment

Modeling & Simulation Infrastructure

NASA Vertical Motion Simulator

National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex (NFAC)

Physical Sciences Complex

Platform Integration Laboratory

Propellant Aging and Mechanical Properties Facility

Radar Frequency (RF) Technology Facilities

Radar Operations Facility

Redstone Arsenal Airfield

Redstone Aviation Propulsion Test and Research (RAPTR) Facility

Redstone Scientific Information Center

Restricted Airspace Rocketball Test Facility

Rotorcraft Advanced System Concepts Airborne Lab (RASCAL) JUH-60A Russell Measurement Facility (RMF)

Sensor Signal Processing System (SSPS) Sensors Laboratory Test Facilities Signature Characterization Facility (SCF)

Small Airbreathing Engine Test Facility Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Facility

Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Laboratory Structural Test Facility

Supersonic Rocket on a Rope (SROAR) Tactical Systems Integration Laboratory

Two-Room Blast Characterization Facility and Explosives Test Area UH-60 System Integration Laboratory

Urban Test Facilities Vehicle Antenna Measurement Facility (VAMF)

Virtual Targets Center (VTC) Warfighter Protection Laboratory (WPL)

Weapon System Interoperability Test Facility