2020 DARPA ERI Summit and MTO Symposium (Register by July 27)

Virtual Conference
August 20, 2020

2020 DARPA ERI Summit and MTO Symposium (Register by July 27)

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is proud to host the 2020 Electronics Resurgence Initiative (ERI) Summit & MTO Symposium, scheduled August 18 – 20. To ensure the health and safety of attendees, personnel, partners, and performers, the 2020 Summit will be hosted on an immersive and entirely virtual platform with built-in features for live presentations, online interaction, exhibits, and networking.

ERI is delivering promising results that will not only enhance national security but also contribute to the development of the larger microelectronics sector. The 2020 Summit will therefore emphasize ongoing and potential transition opportunities for DARPA technologies that address a range of critical Department of Defense (DoD) and commercial modernization priorities, such as 3D heterogeneous integration, autonomy and artificial intelligence, hardware security and cybersecurity, as well as 5G and future radio frequency (RF) communications.

Virtual Platform

The 2020 Summit will be hosted on 6Connex’s Virtual Environment Platform. The virtual platform provides a 3D event space that recreates the feel of a physical event. Through the virtual event space, attendees will be able to watch live presentations, explore posters and technology demonstrations, and network with other ERI attendees.

The 2020 Summit keynote speakers, panelist, and plenary sessions – featuring industry leaders and potential transition partners – will be broadcast in the virtual auditorium. Sessions will be recorded and available to view the following day.

The networking lounge will bring together conference attendees in an interactive chat room and provide the opportunity to have 1:1 conversations, small group chats, and moderated discussions. Attendees will be able to view posters and technology demonstrations in the interactive exhibit hall and engage with DARPA researchers.

Virtual workshops will be held utilizing Zoom Meetings and foster an environment for idea sharing, discussions, and the formation of future program concepts and research efforts.

6connex will provide attendees with technical support during the event to answer questions and assist with platform navigation.