2021 Molecular Foundry User Meeting

Virtual Conference
August 21, 2021

2021 Molecular Foundry User Meeting

Register for the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Molecular Foundry virtual Annual User Meeting, a forum to disseminate results and exchange ideas.

The Molecular Foundry is a nanoscience research facility that provides visiting researchers (“users”) with access to cutting-edge expertise and instrumentation in a collaborative, multidisciplinary environment.

The Molecular Foundry’s 2021 Annual User Meeting will be hosted virtually with free registration to bring our scientific community together in a safe and accessible format.

This annual conference focuses on frontier research topics of interest to that community of users, providing a forum to share results and exchange ideas, and bringing together leading researchers, junior scientists, postdocs, and students.

In addition to on-site users and Molecular Foundry scientists, meeting participants include researchers from universities, national labs, and companies across the USA and internationally.

Invited speakers include representatives from:

Berkeley Lab

Argonne National Laboratory

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

National Institute of Standards and Technology

DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office