3DHEALS 2020: Healthcare 3D Printing Global Summit

Virtual Conference
June 20, 2020

3DHEALS 2020: Healthcare 3D Printing Global Summit

3DHEALS2020 aims to serve as the biggest global networking and fundraising event focusing on healthcare 3D printing, 3D bioprinting, biofabrication, and related emerging technologies. It will gather influencers and audiences from more than nine countries, providing insights and opportunities that will benefit a variety of stakeholders, ranging from early-adopters, entrepreneurs, corporate innovation initiatives, and investors. Since 2015, 3DHEALS has hosted more than eighty in-person events with more than one hundred and twenty speakers all over the world, and more than forty online or offline startup pitches all over the world in the past four years. 3DHEALS2020 will be the world's largest event of similar nature and content in 2020.

This two-day 3DHEALS Global Summit is now converted into 100% virtual due to the SF COVID19 situation and various travel restrictions imposed on our communities all over the world.

Parallel to the presentations, the conference will offer startup pitch sessions and privately arranged 1:1 startup-investors meetings, in order to continue stimulating early-stage startup innovations.

Globalization is a fact.

3DHEALS2020 is designed to cater to a wide range of professionals, ranging from healthcare early adopter, manufacturers, engineers, legal professionals and policymakers, C-Level executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and more. We aim to create an effective program that maximizes the attendee’s experiences and decreases the barriers in communication among stakeholders.

Since its inception in 2015, the group’s activities have expanded from just San Francisco to 20+ cities all over the world based on popular demand. Collectively, the group has organized 80+ events, with 120+ speakers, and 30+ community managers all over the world.