5G for Science: Verizon's Vision for Future Capabilities and DOE 5G Lab Research

June 21, 2021

5G for Science: Verizon's Vision for Future Capabilities and DOE 5G Lab Research

In this talk, Josh Stafford and others from the Department of Energy (DOE) support team at Verizon will discuss how their company is engaged with DOE Lab partnerships, how research into Edge Compute, science IoT and IoT security, and other topics is evolving, and what they think the future looks like for use of 5G for field and laboratory science applications.

They will discuss real world examples how they have partnered with (federal customers) to solve problems with usable, easy to access and apply data. Josh and team can work with DOE scientists to help with research and development projects by leveraging IoT data collection and application.

This talk is especially timely because Verizon has just completed (in partnership with Berkeley Laboratory's Lab-IT Telephone Services Group) deployment of a new on campus tower and is providing for low-band 5G service. We will also be joined by Lab-ITs Richard Gregory who will provide more information on what this provides and how LBL scientists can make use of it.

Meeting ID: 94286039497
Password: VGRpSnlDd1ZyN0JWRkoyaU92K1AwZz09

Josh Stafford, Client Partner of Connected Solutions Federal Government & Public Safety for Verizon Wireless, has been with Verizon Wireless for more than 20 years. Josh has worked closely with federal, state, and local government agencies as well as Enterprise customers in designing and implementing various IOT solutions and data networks using 2G, 3G and 4G and now 5G wireless data technologies. Josh is a graduate of Old Dominion University and has certifications in Cyber Security, Cisco, and Cradlepoint.

Josh has 18 years of experience working with IOT solutions. He helped build one of the first Private Networks in the country. Josh has connected several hundred thousand IOT devices. Josh has worked closely with organizations to design and plan for disaster recovery and emergency preparedness.