7th Annual DisrupTECH

Virtual Conference
August 21, 2021

7th Annual DisrupTECH

Join us for the 7th Annual DisrupTECH Virtual Event hosted by The Richard P. Feynman Center for Innovation at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the New Mexico Start-Up Factory.

At this unique event, carefully selected entrepreneurial-minded scientists will present their ideas to entrepreneurs, investors, regional leaders, policy makers and industrial partners. Be the first to experience these technologies and have exclusive access to engage in techology transfer opportunities.

The 7th Annual DisrupTECH will consist of 13 presentations from some of the most brilliant scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Join us for the most exciting technology event of the year!

Introducing our Featured Presenters:

1:00 PM - 2:45: PM Hard Tech Presentations

Ian Cummings - ASSESS: A Rapid Full-Structure Ultrasonic NDE Tool for the Aerospace Industry
Jeph Wang - Smart Super Sharp (S3) X-ray Radiography
Rubens Ingraci Neto - Flash sinter-forging: A new method for ceramic manufacturing
Jacob Spendelow - Fuel Cell Membrane Electrode Assemblies
Young Jin Kim - Breakthrough MEG Technology
Brian Rees - Using retro-reflector prisms to reflect malevolent laser use

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM: Software & BioScience Presentations

Sara Del Valle - Global Disease Forecasting Center
Kirti Bhardwaj - Making Medical Isotopes Accessible for Cancer Therapy
Maria Pinilla - PiNG: The Interplanetary PNG Solution
Wenting Li - Reliably and accurately locate power outages within one second
Arvind Mohan - Hybrid AI for Next Generation Resilient Piping
Shounak Banerjee - Green Feat: Your algal farming assistant
Joseph Dumont - Discovering New Biodegradable Plastics

Learn more at www.lanldisruptech.com