AFWERX EngageSpace

September 20, 2020

AFWERX EngageSpace

We are government, industry, academia, entrepreneurs... Together, we are the pioneers, the visionaries, the road builders to the stars. For two days in September, we will come together virtually to dismantle the walls between sectors, revolutionize how the space ecosystem works, and close the 'believability gap' for what's possible in space.

AFWERX EngageSpace is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect with the best and brightest and see the future of the new frontier. From the 800+ teams that submitted their solutions to four space-focused AFWERX Challenges, 175+ have been selected to show off their solutions and connect with thousands of Space experts, potential government buyers, and enthusiasts from around the world. Some of these companies will move on to funding opportunities for prototyping and development with the US Air Force or Space Force. EngageSpace is the premier space event to see innovations we didn't think were possible or even know we needed.



All attendees will have many opportunities to network across sectors, industry, technologies, and geographies.
Each selected company will experience facilitated connections with other companies, government personnel, and others who can help them in
their business.
The entire event is designed to bring together previously insulated communities and catalyze the network effect of innovation to transform and
accelerate the industry.


The event is designed to highlight and enable government buyers to pursue the most promising solutions to the most pressing challenges in the space domain.
All Space Challenge participants and attendees will have the opportunity to explore conversations, ideas, collaborations, and contracting opportunities.
All attendees will learn how commercial capabilities can be used to address Department of Defense space concerns.


All attendees will get an up-close view of the future of space industrial development and government priorities.
Government attendees will learn more about how to use commercial innovation tools.
Private sector attendees will learn about the value of partnering with government to solve big challenges.
All attendees will learn about a wide range of contracting opportunities to work with the government, including prototyping money, SBIR/STTR awards, and a Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO) to facilitate quicker contracting actions.