AI Strategies & Applications Workshop

Virtual Conference
April 21, 2021

AI Strategies & Applications Workshop

Two years after the White House issued an executive order creating a national strategy for artificial intelligence, agencies are moving past pilot projects and are looking for the next level of AI in government. Although some of the most visible projects are at NASA, DOD and IRS, many agencies are working on developing AI projects that support services, improve mission effectiveness and decision making and automate repetitive tasks.

There is also a renewed effort to share knowledge and lessons learned through organizations such as the General Services Administration's AI Center of Excellence and DOD’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center. Investing in research and educating the workforce were other pillars of the strategy that are getting focus and funds.

This FCW Workshop will feature government and industry experts who will share lessons they have learned and the results they have achieved.

Attendees will come away with an improved ability to:

* Understand how and why government services are being redesigning

* Use new contracting vehicles specifically for AI services to speed projects

* Learn from the lessons of success stories at active programs

* Learn about collaboration efforts at DOD and DOD-wide data availability

* Apply proven methods of educating and training the workforce