AUTM Marketing Course

January 21, 2021

AUTM Marketing Course

Before you can discuss a patent with an inventor or negotiate a license for a technology, you need to engage your audiences to start the conversation about your services and inventions. Branding and marketing are all about jump-starting these conversations. Through the AUTM Marketing Course, you’ll learn about results-driven marketing strategies and tactics that you can start applying right away.

In this three-day, virtual course, your team of international instructors will answer a range of questions, including:
* What are branding and marketing? How are they different and how can you use them to advance your goals?
* What are strategies and tactics for branding your technology transfer office?
* What are useful, proven methods for marketing your technology portfolio?
* What are ways to position and market the full range of your institution’s unique assets?
* How can you maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, from planning to assessing results?

Through presentations, case studies and hands-on group work, you will return to your office with new skills, tools, and ideas to help accomplish your organization’s goals.


Day 1 - Wednesday, January 20
Branding and Marketing Your TTO

Day 2 - Thursday, January 21
Market Research and Strategy Development

Day 3 - Friday, January 22
Executing Your Strategy