AUTM Webinar: Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property

June 21, 2021

AUTM Webinar: Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is employed in everything from computer-generated imagery (CGI) to medical diagnoses to 3D printing. However, laws have not kept up with AI innovations. The patent laws of most countries (including the U.S.) define an "inventor" as a person, i.e., a human being.

For example, what if a synthetic entity (AI) assists an inventor or author to invent or create - or what if the synthetic entity independently creates - a painting or literature, discovers a medical breakthrough, or produces a 3D article extrapolated from rudimentary data input? Isn’t the AI an inventor or author? Can the AI itself be protected by patents or copyright? How can AI be used as a supporting tool by inventors and patent attorneys? What are the ethical and professional responsibility implications of employing AI?

This presentation will define AI and examine questions that will help suggest best practices for using AI and protecting AI-related intellectual property.

Learning Objectives:
* Explain "Artificial Intelligence" (AI) at a practical level.
* Assess ethical considerations in employing AI.
* Employ AI as a tool to help search, invent, and/or create intellectual property.
* Perfect and protect AI-related inventions or works.