BREW 2.0 Demo Day

February 21, 2021

BREW 2.0 Demo Day

What better way to celebrate BREW 2.0 (short for Business, Research and Entrepreneurship in Water), an accelerator program that mentors late-stage water innovators to scale and make connections in our extensive water tech ecosystem, than a virtual Demo Day!

It all takes place on Tuesday, February 23, beginning at 9:30 a.m. CST, and will showcase each of the 12 participating companies’ water technology innovations, followed by one-on-one networking opportunities—all from an interactive, virtual platform.


BREW 2.0 participants represent a wide array of water technologies and solutions and include the following:

* Aqua Membranes offers spiral-wound water membrane solutions
* BloomOptix offers unmanned aerial vehicles for high-resolution harmful algal bloom monitoring
* Capta Hydro offers integrated hardware and software IoT solutions for water distribution management
* Copperstone Technologies offers autonomous environmental monitoring robots for sampling, measurement and surveillance services
* CORNCOB, Inc. offers industrial wastewater filtration technology
* Divirod offers satellite water infrastructure and analytics technology
* ecoSPEARS offers an eco-friendly solution that destroys organic pollutants
* Glanris offers 100 percent green, ultra-low-cost water filtration media
* Sentry provides a bio-electrode sensor technology that provides real-time microbial performance monitoring for water or wastewater treatment
* Swirltex offers buoyancy-based membrane filtration systems
* Varuna provides sensors and cloud-based software for real-time monitoring and insights for water distribution networks
* Water Warriors offers a water treatment solution for phosphorus runoff

If you’re interested in hearing more from these innovative water technology entrepreneurs and making connections, make plans to join us!