Cybersecurity Technology Virtual Showcase, Session #2: Full Audience

July 20, 2020

Cybersecurity Technology Virtual Showcase, Session #2: Full Audience

The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) and four National Laboratories are excited to showcase their winning cybersecurity technologies. By participating, you gain first access to best-in-class technologies ready for licensing to the commercial market. The DoE, labs and inventors get your critical feedback.

Competitively selected from 75 technologies, these 12 market-ready, proof-of-concept cybersecurity technologies address a variety of known challenges in the market. These technologies were developed for various federal customers and include anomaly, malware and device detection, software defined networking, real-time security patching, IP hopping, cloud breach visibility, improved deception capabilities, device dependency and resiliency analysis, and tools to promote collaboration across disparate teams.

This event is for end-customers, entrepreneurs, industry partners, and investors that understand evolving cybersecurity challenges within any of the highly regulated critical infrastructure sectors like Financial Services, Healthcare, Federal Agencies, and Industrial Control Systems.

As part of the dozen new initiatives within the U.S. Department of Energy’s Practices to Accelerate the Commercialization of Technologies (PACT) program, the Cybersecurity Virtual Showcase is designed to promote the transition of research developed at the Department’s National Laboratories toward the marketplace to promote U.S. competitiveness and national security. These Virtual Showcases aim to accelerate U.S. competitiveness by significantly improving the process of Technology Transfer.

The benefits to participants like you:

* Easy Access to Information Gain admission to a central repository to scan the portfolio of technologies most likely to address current problems your organization is facing.

* Tailored Review Process Simplify your participation for the entire review process.

* We Are Here to Help Experience continuity with support from those that were there since the beginning. A team of motivated internal champions was formed to accelerate the time from proof-of-concept to product and business. This team remains available to address any questions or concerns.

* Clear Market Insights Boost demand awareness. The technologies that address near and future customer demands are the ones most likely to find a market. Having a full awareness of the needs of the market is a research intensive exercise. This program will provide immediate feedback on the fit of the technology with the demands of the market.

* Expanded Resources Leverage internal and external resources. The DoE and Labs partnered with Cyber Capital Partners to build a community around the portfolio of technologies, expanding the team resources available for down selecting, marketing, and administering the tech transfer program and overseeing its candidate technologies.

* High Value, No Cost to You Participate in a cybersecurity technology showcase designed to value your time and input, all at no cost to you. Your opinion is the contribution we seek.

The Cybersecurity Technologies Virtual Showcase provides you the opportunity to learn about 12 government funded, best-in-class, emerging cybersecurity technologies, all in one place.

SCHEDULE DAY TWO (JULY 23, 2020 at 2:00pm-3:30pm EST) - Full Audience

* Introduction of PACT Program by Robert Westervelt, Licensing Executive at Sandia National Laboratories, and Jason Gayl, Managing Partner, Cyber Capital Partners

* HADES: Computer Network Defense System

HADES's AI produces high fidelity business documents and changing IT environments to create a live massive interactive "honeypot" aimed at deceiving an attacker for long durations.

* Cybersecurity Framework & Compliance Tool

A management and compliance tool to manage, train and improve the cybersecurity posture within industrial control organizations.

* ADDSec: Dynamic Defense and Network Randomization for Computer Systems

ADDSec brings an integrated suite of cybersecurity techniques together to create IP hopping capabilities to prevent and mitigate threats to the network.

Additional sessions scheduled for:

July 28: Full Audience (CHIRP, SITU, AXL)

July 30: Industrial Control Systems (OT Visualization, Shadow Figment, CAPSec)