Cybersecurity & the Pandemic

September 20, 2020

Cybersecurity & the Pandemic

We invite you to the next installment of the Outloud Lecture Series. Two of Argonne National Laboratory’s cybersecurity scientists will present their research and provide insight into cyber resilience and cyber security that helps secure our nation's information and systems.

Featured Speakers
Scott Pinkerton, Program Lead, Cyber Threat Sharing
Roland Varriale, Cybersecurity Analyst

Special Guest
Paul Kearns, Laboratory Director (and FLC 2020 Laboratory Director of the Year)

About the lecture series:

The OutLoud Lecture Series gives the science-curious community insight into the cutting-edge research underway at Argonne.

Science is exciting, infinitely interesting and something to be shared. The OutLoud Lecture Series is one way Argonne shares some of our most interesting science stories and the impact our research has on the world. The lectures address a diverse range of engaging topics, from urban transformation, soil science, and navigating risk to energy innovation.

So, come, listen and learn about the cutting-edge research that is taking place right in your backyard. Oh, and make sure to ask plenty of questions, too.