Data & Analytics Summit

Virtual Conference
May 21, 2021

Data & Analytics Summit

Government agencies generate and collect massive amounts of data, but have long struggled to extract value from all that information. Now the Federal Data Strategy provides a 10-year framework to “leverage the full value of federal data for mission, service and the public good,” and the signs of agencies’ seriousness are everywhere.

Total data-related spending rose 54% over the past three years, according to Deltek GovWin analysis, while investments in artificial intelligence and machine learning jumped 485% over that same period. The Defense Department’s data strategy, released in October 2020, dramatically reshapes how the different service branches collaborate and leverage their data to support the warfighter. Civilian agencies also made significant progress in 2020, particularly in establishing their data standards and governance. And the COVID crisis sparked massive data initiatives at both the federal and state levels, showing what’s possible when government has both the infrastructure and expertise for mission-driven analytics.

There’s much still to be done, however. Developing workforce data skills remains a challenge, while legacy systems continue to complicate agencies’ efforts to unlock and share siloed datasets. Powerful solutions are commercially available, but developing data ecosystems that are resilient, secure and adaptable is not easy. Agencies need a deep understanding of the technology, the data in question and their evolving mission needs.

Please join us for FCW’s 2021 Data & Analytics Summit to learn more about these essential efforts.

Participants in this virtual event will come away with a better understanding of: :
* Data governance and compliance
* The importance of cloud-based data services
* Next steps for the Federal Data Strategy
* The technology behind data mining and analysis
* Security and privacy concerns for data initiatives
* Best practices for data cleansing and structuring
* How AI is can be practically leveraged for existing missions
* The benefits of NIST’s Big Data Interoperability Framework
* The top contract vehicles for data tools and services