Deepfakes and the AI-Enabled Misinformation Age

January 21, 2021

Deepfakes and the AI-Enabled Misinformation Age

Can you tell if a photo is generated by artificial intelligence (AI)? When is video evidence no evidence at all? What are the pros and cons of creating AI algorithms that have “imagination?”

Juston Moore, research scientist in the Advanced Cyber Systems group at Los Alamos National Laboratory, leads the virtual conversation, “Deepfakes and the AI-Enabled Misinformation Age,” the latest in the Science on Tap lecture series.

Juston is an expert in adversarial artificial intelligence. He will discuss deepfakes, which are fake images, videos, audio and other media created by artificial intelligence algorithms. While some deepfakes are entertaining, such as actor Nicolas Cage’s face superimposed on Yoda’s body, the potential to make malicious deepfakes of political leaders, false disasters or other misleading content raises questions about the weaponization of information and its impact on law enforcement and national security.

Juston will discuss why we are seeing the emergence of deepfakes now and the potential approaches to reduce risk of AI-generated misinformation.