Defense Readiness Workshop

Virtual Conference
March 21, 2021

Defense Readiness Workshop

In October of 2020, then-Defense Secretary Esper defined defense readiness as "our military’s ability to answer the nation’s call, and to fight and win, anytime, anywhere. … The question we must answer is this: if called upon to fight tonight, are we ready?"

Ensuring that answer is "yes" demands change in every corner of the Department of Defense, and especially in the technology that will power tomorrow's military. Cybersecurity is critical domain, enterprise cloud services must support warfighters around the globe, augmented reality is transforming training, and advanced analytics are being integrated into virtually every mission and business process. Defense readiness requires more than tech, of course, but IT is woven into virtually every part of that effort.

This workshop will explore the Department of Defense (DoD) modernization and transformation initiatives, how they deliver the speed, insight and security the National Defense Strategy demands, and what it means for warfighters and the personnel who support them.

Event attendees will come away with a better understanding of:
* DOD's cloud strategy and the roadmap for major cloud initiatives
* How the new joint warfighting concept demands greater data-sharing and interoperability
* The services' software development operations and their impact on IT modernization
* Emerging cybersecurity threats and the efforts to counter them
* Edge computing and other efforts to connect the warfighter
* Training innovations for both military personnel and the civilian workforce