DHS Trusted User Interface for Digital Wallets Challenge: Stage 1

October 20, 2020

DHS Trusted User Interface for Digital Wallets Challenge: Stage 1

Some Department of Homeland Security (DHS) operations are moving to digitize issuance and storage of paper-based credentials to enhance security and prevent forgery and counterfeiting, using blockchain and distributed technologies to issue and verify credentials using open standards. These systems use credentials that may be issued by DHS and held in a digital wallet. DHS is looking for a UI design that supports best practices for visual consistency, ensures security and privacy, is interoperable, and can be integrated with existing back-end processes. The UI needs to instill confidence in the user of the digital wallet that their online interactions are secure and that the parties they are interacting with are legitimate. The goal of this Challenge is to foster better UIs for digital wallets to be used by DHS and anyone in the community.

This Challenge will compare UI designs, which were submitted by October 15. This virtual community engagement will present the Trusted User Interface (UI) Challenge finalists, and kick-off the second stage of the prize challenge. The prize finalists will present their UI and user experience (UX) designs and receive feedback from the standards community to prepare for Stage 2 of the challenge. Experts from the government and standards community will provide insight into application integration and standards-based Digital Wallet implementations.

Webinar Agenda

Prize Challenge Program Overview
S&T Digital Wallets Challenge Overview
Government Panel
Standards Community Panel (World Wide Web Consortium)
Stage 1 Finalists UI/UX Design Presentations
Next Steps for Stage 2

About the Prize Challenge

The total prize is $25,000 to be awarded in two stages. Three finalists will be selected at the end of Stage 1, and each will receive $5,000 and the opportunity to share their work at the event. At the end of Stage 2, one of the three Stage 1 finalists will be awarded the grand prize of an additional $10,000.