Digital Government Summit

Virtual Conference
March 21, 2021

Digital Government Summit

Whether it's delivering better care for veterans, transforming internal business processes to make federal employees more effective and efficient, or improving the citizen experience on federal websites, digital government aims to enable better government. New tools and technologies are an essential part of these efforts, but the true transformation takes place in the analog world -- rethinking business processes, changing the workplace culture and elevating services to meet today's customer expectations.

Federal agencies have pursued these goals for years, yet too many digital efforts still fail to deliver as expected. And with a new administration in 2021, reassessment is in store for most every initiative.

Please join us for FCW's 2021 Digital Government Summit, which will explore how agencies can better streamline operations, pursue missions more effectively and deliver greater value to citizens.

Attendees will come away with a better understanding of:

* How to manage digital services across multiple channels

* Data’s growing role in user-centric design

* Common obstacles to digital transformation

* The importance of self-service in a citizen services strategy

* Security considerations in digital services

* Advancements in citizen relationship management

* Leadership's role in cultivating a culture of innovation

* Acquisition strategies for digital services

* Shared digital services and interagency resources