Discover DSO (Defense Sciences Office) Day

June 20, 2020

Discover DSO (Defense Sciences Office) Day

The Defense Sciences Office (DSO) – one of six technical offices at DARPA – is sponsoring Discover DSO Day (D3) via webinar June 24-25, 2020, to inform potential proposers about the scientific and technical research areas of interest to DSO.

“The goal of D3 is to familiarize attendees with DSO’s mission, provide an overview of the latest office-wide Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) solicitation scheduled for release in June, and facilitate dialogue between our program managers and participants,” said DSO Director Valerie Browning. “While we aren’t able to host the event in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re looking forward to an informative and interactive on-line event.”

DSO identifies and pursues high-risk, high-payoff research initiatives across a broad spectrum of science and engineering disciplines and transforms them into important, new game-changing technologies for U.S. national security. Current DSO themes, which will be discussed at D3, include frontiers in math, computation, and design; limits of sensing and sensors; complex social systems; and anticipating surprise. DSO relies on the greater scientific research community to help identify and explore ideas that could potentially revolutionize the state of the art.

On day one of the event, DSO program managers will give presentations outlining their research interests followed by an audience question and answer session. Additional presentations will cover how to do business with DARPA, Contracting 101, and DSO’s Disruptioneering opportunities. An interactive session with the DSO director will conclude the first day.

Day two is designated for prescheduled individual sidebar video meetings with DSO program managers. A separate, earlier Special Notice announced opportunities for attendees to potentially have sidebar meetings with DSO program managers. This Special Notice has closed, and recipients of sidebar meetings have been notified; no additional sidebars will be scheduled during the D3 event.