Eclipse VOLTTRON Meeting

Virtual Conference
July 21, 2021

Eclipse VOLTTRON Meeting

VOLTTRON™ is open source and publicly available from GitHub, and its ongoing development benefits from a highly collaborative approach. The U.S. Department of Energy views the technology as a central component of buildings-grid integration, and provides funding support. Updates and other advances are carried out by a PNNL research team working in concert with an active nationwide community of users. The open nature of this project has allowed it to find usage in a wide variety of organizations and use cases including universities, national laboratories, and commercial companies.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is pleased to host this virtual meeting. Throughout the week, relevant topics will be discussed some of which are noted below:

* Data collection, energy efficiency, load control, and other applications enabled by the platform

* Experiences deploying the platform to meet different use cases

* Highlights of the latest development and features

* Community engagement and collaboration

* Future development and features