Emerging Tech Workshop

Virtual Conference
September 21, 2021

Emerging Tech Workshop

Emerging technologies have always offered the promise of better, faster, cheaper processing and problem solving, but they also bring a host of challenges with them, from security and operational issues to privacy concerns. The past year has also shown that necessity remains the mother of invention, as agencies moved to adapt technology to remote workplace models, as well as roll out new services and capabilities demanded by the pandemic.

Where agencies are still experimenting on a small scale and testing out standards on privacy and security, they’re also pushing harder than ever to use those new technologies and capabilities on a wider scale. President Biden has also called modernizing the federal IT infrastructure a national security issue in the wake of the large hack of government agency systems, adding to the urgency of developing and implementing new tech.

This workshop will explore these issues, provide an update on the latest policy guidance and look at examples of how agencies have applied emerging tech to improve financial controls, discover fraud and achieve the best prices on contracts.

Attendees will come away with a better understanding of:
* White House efforts to modernize federal IT
* What emerging technologies are top of the list for federal agencies
* How privacy and data security fit in
* Adapting mission-driven approaches to deploying emerging tech
* What are the best practices for acquiring advanced technologies
* Which agency pilots look most promising
* How public/private partnerships are driving innovation