Energy Storage for a Changing World

February 21, 2021

Energy Storage for a Changing World

Energy storage offers new horizons for generating and using electricity, for moving people and goods locally and across long distances, for avoiding the worst consequences of climate change and for adapting to the consequences we cannot avoid.

This colloquium honoring Argonne National Laboratory’s 75th anniversary examines the roles energy storage will play in shaping and responding to a changing world.


Li-Ion Batteries: From an Idea to Readiness to Take on Climate Change - Opportunities and Challenges
Speaker: M. Stanley Whittingham, Binghamton University, SUNY; Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019, for the Li-ion battery

Panel: Where is Energy Storage Going?

Melanie Kenderdine
Principal, Energy Futures Initiative; Director, DOE Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis (2013-2017)

Mary Powell
CEO, Green Mountain Power VT (2008-2019); voted Best Utility Executive in the United States (2019)