FCW Emerging Tech Workshop

Virtual Conference
October 20, 2020

FCW Emerging Tech Workshop

Emerging technologies offer the promise of better, faster, cheaper processing and problem solving, but they also bring the possibility of bias, security breaches and new privacy issues. Most agencies are experimenting on a small scale and testing out standards on privacy and security.

Workforce also has been a concern as emerging tech matures—both to ensure displaced workers are reskilled and to make certain the job classifications are available to hire new workers with specialized skills.

This workshop will explore those trends, provide an update on the latest policy guidance and look at examples of how agencies have applied emerging tech to improve financial controls, discover fraud and achieve the best prices on contracts.

Topics to be addressed include:
* New communities of practice and how they are spreading the word
* The latest White House guidance on AI
* How agencies are taking a mission-driven approach to emerging tech deployment
* Congressional efforts to create an AI center of excellence at GSA
* A look at the most promising pilots to date
* How to fund new projects